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BBA Photography Prize '23 Long List

This ongoing series grew out of my fascination with the concept of mimicry, both in its evolutionary function and as a creative tool in the arts. Mimicry, the ability of an organism or artist to imitate its surroundings, has been crucial to the survival and success of species and artistic movements alike.

Mimicry has allowed animals to adapt and blend in with their environment, increasing their chances of survival. As artists, we too have drawn inspiration from the world around us, often mimicking, incorporating styles and techniques of those who have gone before us. But in doing so, we inevitably inject our own perspective and lived experiences into our work.

Through my project, I explore the balance between mimicry and originality, in the context of photography and collage, questioning what it means to be truly unique. These mediums enable blending and subverting imagery, allowing for the creation of works that challenge traditional notions of originality. Our tendency to take over our contemporaries’s mannerisms and styles to strengthen our connections can be both sustaining and stifling as we try to balance the desire for distinctiveness with the desire for belonging. By examining these intricate relationships I hope to shed light on the complex interplay between adaptation and innovation.

By multiplying, layering, re-contextualising, and re-photographing found and own photos, I seek to prompt viewers to question their own relationship with originality.

“Before you speak your mind make sure it's really your mind you're speaking.”

― Marty Rubin

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