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Article in Dunoon Observer

Space is key for collage artist Agnes

Agnes Eperjesy’s photographic collages are at once creative, witty, thought-provoking, insightful and resonant in meaning. 

No surprise then that this Hungarian-born artist, now living in stunning Cowal on Scotland’s west coast, has recently picked up a prestigious international award and is busy preparing for two exhibitions in Italy and Glasgow.

Agnes explained: “My works appear to be random and surreal compositions but take the viewer into a space where they can find their own meaning…as well as mine! “Space is crucial. I moved here to find that space with my husband Oliver two years ago from Dunbar near Edinburgh. The scenery overlooking the lochs and isles around here provides more than enough space as well as natural inspiration. 

 “Despite the randomness, every aspect of every collage is carefully thought through and I take great care in incorporating meaning into every image. “Politics, activism and social critique often appear in my works. Many of my works are nuanced political messages about the comical and tragic events we are going through and seeing on the news every day,” added Agnes.

It’s entirely apt that Agnes’ education, whilst in Hungary, revolved around her twin passions for psychology and photography. Those two disciplines morph spectacularly well in her works. Agnes’ major artistic inspirations lie in Dadaism, an early 20th century movement that rejected and ridiculed the logic and reason of modern society, and Surrealism that aimed to bring life to the unconscious. “It’s about looking at human beings with all our idiosyncrasies. There are endless sources of inspiration,” she added.

Sirens of the Clyde
Agnes_Eperjesy_Adjused_trajectories_IV. no border .jpg



Agnes still works a ‘day job’ as an organisational consultant with businesses across the UK presumably providing the same sense of thoughtful composition that she puts into her artworks. “I enjoy the creative process immensely and find that it balances well with the more formulaic thinking required for my day job but, ultimately, it’s about arranging things in a way that works and looking at familiar scenes from a new angle,” added Agnes who has been living in the UK for the past 17 years.

She has recently been recognised for her creativity with the LensCulture 2022 Critics Choice Award, becoming one of 40 leading photography artists from around the world to receive the accolade. Agnes was selected by Catherine Hug of the Catherine and André Hug Gallery for her work Adjusted Trajectories. Catherine commented: “I find this project Adjusted Trajectories very poetic. Eperjesy recontextualizes a character who has suffered injustice by inviting him to her garden through a double exposure, giving him back a voice in society.”

Later this year Agnes will be exhibiting around 25 of her works at Lake Como, Villa Melzi in Italy with a smaller exhibition taking place at the Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow.


Far from random and surreal, Agnes and her compositions really do seem focused on great things!


Rob Wilkinson, 2022

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